Jane Achan, MBChB, MMed, MSc

Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Makerere University

E-mail Address:  achanj@yahoo.co.uk


Jane Achan

Current Main Activities:
Dr. Jane Achan is a Lecturer and Pediatrician at Makerere University and the current President of the Uganda Pediatric Association. Dr. Achan has worked in the field of pediatrics since 1999 and is one of the most experienced Ugandan pediatricians specialized in HIV care, actively involved in research, and has extensive experience in the management of ART and complex HIV cases. She received numerous awards of recognition for her work.


Education and Training:
University of London, MSc, Clinical trials, 2008-2012

University of California, San Francisco, Certificate, Designing Clinical Research, 2008

Makerere University, MMed, Pediatrics and Child Health, 2001-2004

Makerere University, MBChB, Medicine and Surgery, 2001-2004



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