Sam Nsobya, PhD

Senior Lecturer, School Biomedical Science , Makererer University

E-mail Address:


Dr. Sam Nsobya

Current Main Activities:
Senior lecturer teaching molecular biology and biomedical laboratory science to under and postgraduate students. Dr Nsobya is also Laboratory Director of Molecular Research Laboratory (Molab),MUUCSF. He has 22 years experience in laboratory science with additional wide –range of expertise in laboratory-based malaria diagnosis namely; in vitro studies of antimalarial drug resistance, genotyping of malaria parasites, and identification of molecular markers of drug resistance. He has research interest in laboratory translation research , molecular studies of antimalarial drug resistance and other laboratory based research.


Education and Training:
Makerere University Uganda PhD (Medicine) 2006 - 2010

Makerere University Uganda Msc Molecular Biology 2002 – 2004

University of California San Francisco Certificate (Drug resistance) 2002- 2003

Makerere University Uganda BLT. Biomedical laboratory science 1998 - 2001

Makerere University Uganda Diploma Medical lab Technology 1987-1990



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