Vivek Jain, MD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, UCSF

E-mail Address:


Vivek Jain

Research Interests:
HIV therapeutic strategies, early HIV antiretroviral therapy initiation, implementation science of ART delivery, immunology and virology of early HIV infection


Education and Training:
UCSF, Fellowship, Infectious Diseases, 2007-2011

UCSF, Residency and Chief Residency, Internal Medicine, 2003-2007

Stanford University, M.D., 2003

Harvard University, A.B., 1998


Key Publications:

1. Jain, V., Liegler, T., Kabami, J., Chamie, G., Clark, T.D., Black, D., Geng, E.H., Kwarisiima, D., Wong, J.K., Abdel-Mohsen, M., Sonawane, N., Aweeka, F.T., Thirumurthy, H., Petersen, M.L., Charlebois, E.D., Kamya, M.R., Havlir, D.V., and SEARCH Collaboration. Assessment of population-based HIV RNA levels in a rural East African setting using a fingerprick-based blood collection method. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2013. 56(4):598-605. Epub 2012 Dec 12.

2. Thirumurthy, H., Chamie, G., Jain, V., Kabami, J., Kwarisiima, D., Clark, T.D., Geng, E.H., Petersen, M.L., Charlebois, E.D., Kamya, M.R., Havlir, D.V., and SEARCH Collaboration. Improved employment and education outcomes in households of HIV-infected adults with high CD4 counts: evidence from a community health campaign in Uganda. AIDS. 2013. 27(4):627-634.

3. Hatano, H., Jain, V., Hunt, P.W., Lee, T-H., Sinclair, E., Do, T.D., Hoh, R., Martin, J.N., McCune, J.M., Hecht, F.M., and Deeks, S.G. Cell-based Measures of Viral Persistence Are Associated with Immune Activation and PD-1 Expressing CD4+ T cells. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2012. Oct. 22 epub ahead of print; doi: 10.1093/infdis/jis630.

4. Geng, E.H., Hare, C.B., Kahn, J.O., Jain, V., Van Nunnery, T., Christopoulos, K., Deeks, S.G., Gandhi, M., and Havlir, D.V. The effect of a “universal antiretroviral therapy” recommendation on HIV RNA levels among HIV-infected patients entering care with a CD4 count greater than 500/µl in a public health setting. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2012. 55(12):1690-7. doi: 10.1093/cid/cis750. Epub 2012 Sep 5.

5. Chamie, G., Kwarisiima, D. Clark, T.D., Kabami, J., Jain, V., Geng, E.H., Petersen, M.L., Thirumurthy, H., Kamya, M.R., Havlir, D.V., Charlebois, E.D., and the SEARCH Collaboration. Leveraging rapid community-based HIV testing campaigns for non-communicable diseases in rural Uganda. PLoS ONE. 2012. 7(8):e43400. Epub 2012 Aug 20.

6. Jain, V., Sucupira, M.C., Bacchetti, P., Hartogensis, W., Diaz, R.S., Kallas, E.G., Janini, L.M., Liegler, T., Pilcher, C.D., Grant, R.M., Cortes, R., Deeks, S.G., and Hecht, F.M. Differential persistence of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance mutation classes. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2011. 203(8):1174-81.

7. Jain, V., Liegler, T., Vittinghoff, E., Hartogensis, W., Bacchetti, P., Poole, L., Loeb, L., Pilcher, C.D., Grant, R.M., Deeks, S.G., and Hecht, F.M. Transmitted drug resistance in persons with acute/early HIV-1 in San Francisco, 2002-2009. PLoS ONE. 2010. 5(12):e0015510.

8. Jain, V. and Buchbinder, S.P. Early versus delayed antiretroviral therapy for HIV. New England Journal of Medicine. 2009. 361(8) 822; author reply 823-4.

9. Jain, V. and Deeks, S.G. When to start antiretroviral therapy. Current HIV/AIDS Reports. 2010. 7(2):60-8.